Saturday, December 6, 2008

Two months later

Two months have passed since my last post.  Has a lot happened you ask?  Not really.  
What have you been up to you ask?
Not much.

I have been working some crazy hours lately and my discovering the city has been put on hold.
The hotel is still wonderful.  I absolutely love every minute I spend there.  I noticed that the people I adore the most are not born here.  Please note that to some of my peeps from Toronto who were born and raised you are excluded.  Most of my anger and hate arises from riding the metro and the people in my building.  Back to work, once again I drift to the things that anger me the most i.e. how rude people can be.  The more time I spend with other departments, the more I find some peeps who like to laugh and have a good time.  I had a drink with a peep once after work, but thats about it, still trying to find desperately someone to hang with.  

This week was a traumatizing week for me.  This week I felt at my most alone here.  I left my sweet cat on Monday morning unable to walk, completely crippled in her basket at 7am - as I closed the door and left for work.  I had a huge Pharma taking over the hotel and had to be in.  It hit me hard this week, I had no back up, no family or friends to lean on.  Jason left at 5am for a three week business trip and I am at home with the crippled cat.  This was a week that I realized that I can fend for myself.  I found a vets office to bring Monkey and called a cab, took the bus and fended for myself.  I was quite impressed, I tend to lean on Jason alot for everything.  As independent as I am, I am also quite useless.  How is Monkey you ask?  Crippled but doing well, I may need to google a Toronto Therapist to deal with the abandonment I did on Monday.  Not a proud moment for me.

This morning I am on my way to work, walking quietly trying not to get aggressive and this clown from a car is yelling at me thank you, thank you, thank you, I try and ignore it but my aggressive Montrealer comes out and I run my fingers across my throat.  He yells I wish my wife looked like you, I must say, as nice as it is to get complimented, I have no patience, I really am average.  I look at him, slowly approach his car and say, if I was your wife, I wouldn't bother either.  Of course his response is not very polite, he tried to speed away but the a!!hole has his all seasons tire.  It did answer a question for me though, which is the following.  Why do people get stabbed in Toronto?  Maybe it's the Montrealers here doing the stabbing.   I have been tempted on more than one occasion to make a shank out of my keys but I controlled myself.  I am quite resilient and patient.  I feel I may crack soon.  

I adore and miss all my friends and peeps and my city, but I am doing well.



BadYogi said...

seriously. i have never seen a city that needs to get laid so badly.

Dan said...

Just checking in, glad you got back on the writing! I am 4 months behind on my blog, so now it feels like a chore to have to catch up. Damn. But somehow I'm gonna get it done!

If I'm ever in Toronto, I'd gladly go for a beer with you after work. Maybe two beers, or even three...