Friday, October 10, 2008

Adventures in visiting Hotels in Toronto

Unless you're into Hotels, you may not find this post very interesting.  BUT, if you are, you can get a sneak peak of what's hot and not in Toronto Hotels.  My goal by the end of the year is to visit as many hotels here as I can.  Why you ask?  For work you ask?  Nope, for my own pleasure!  I love to check out and see what else is out there.  I went to visit Le Quatre Saison, and in my hotel snob nose in the air terms, I refer to it as a Une Saison if you know what I mean.  It is a pretty nutty place.  The rooms are tired and done on the cheap and I also found out during my visit that some Saudi Prince know it all owns 45% and Bill Gates 45% and 10% to the family and creator of the Quatre Saison.  Bille Gates?? WTF???  Again, this may not be interesting, but I wowed and ahhhh when i was told.  That's pretty neat.  The ballrooms are retarded, nice in a f**ked up way, they have a ballroom that is bright turquoise....your wowed at first and then I dreamt about it all night and woke up hating it.  I just had to share.  If your Jean Paul Gauthier and/or slightly touched in the head, it may be your cup of crazy tea.  They also had this room with Toile walls, really just nuts, all the walls were textured.  Une chance they are building a new one in 2 years or so cause this one - not so much.

I'll update when I think it's worth mentioning, again, when in town, let me know so I can hook you up.

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