Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes it feels just like home

So, after almost 2 months here, I had a Montreal experience.  It really felt like I was back.  I left work, which we do by exiting through the back then across a parking lot.  As I am leaving the lot, a woman and her child are coming towards me, the woman then tells her son, Look at me and not at the prostitute.  I think, Oh neat, there's a prost behind me.  I turn around to look and well there's no one there but moi, little ol me.  You ask, why the hell does this make you think of Montreal?  Well on several occasions I have been mistaken for a prostitute.  Which, if you know me, I am hardly the tramp in personality and in clothing.  I smiled and thought how wonderful!  Just like home!  

My other experience a la Montreal is that I have a Timmy's coffee everyday and it spills on me everyday, which happened to me as well in Montreal, so when i burn myself and walk like a tard with my hand sticking out all the way so I don't get dirty, it just feels like home pour moi.

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BadYogi said...

I love that she specifies "and not at the prostitute", even more so because you're so clearly not one. What the hell kind of relationship issues is this kid going to have in ten or twenty years?