Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holding doors or lack there of

No one holds a door for you here, the folks know you are behind them and yet they don't swing it open.  The folks here slide it open just enough to fit through.  I love it when the folks here look behind, see me and still slither through the door.

I swore to the sky, the ground, the hell and earth and heavens while waiving my fists in the air to towards the floor, to the left and to the right and I promised to never not become oblivious.  As much as I really don't feel the need to hold a door for someone I do it.  I refuse to slither like a snake and squeeze through a small opening when it takes the same amount of energy to just swing it. 

I hope my actions will pay it forward.


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BadYogi said...

I watched a great short doc about this kind of thing theother day -- oddly it was narrated by William Shatber, but it was still good...