Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cell Phones

When I walk out of work with the thousands of other Zombies, I find myself catching up on my personal phone calls.  So my first call is always Jason just to say I am on my way home and see if he's still at work and so on and so forth.  Second call is Tom where I pretend he is my big closing deal and I am the person still working after I walked out and logged off.  I may also do that with Jason (when I can't reach Tom), where I pretend to close a huge deal as well and we squeeze where I am and when I will be home.  I do this everyday and I still think it's hilarious.  

Well, everyday I have no network or can't call lout for about 5 minutes.  I am technology challenged so I thought at first it was me.  I can't dial, I blame the phone as I have been since I bought the damn thing, then I walk and I watch.  I see all the Torontonians on their cells, working hard.  I create these pretend conversations, i.e. "gotta close that deal, going to check my blackberry emails and send that contract or written consent to you to close the deal and make tons of money.  I like Money.  I like to work and work hard all the time even after I left work. Money money money, gotta make the money."  

I came to the conclusion that too many people are clogging up the network. (nevermind my terms for whatever happens.)  Too many people still working and calling at the same time.  So while I may have an emergency or just want to shout out to my peeps, I can't because they continue to work.  I am not making this shit up.  I ease drop and listen.  

The suits and the cells and the people just walk and don't appreciate the surroundings.  Regardless of the same street and door I walked out of everyday for three years in Montreal, when I walked out I would smell the air, walk around the same unfixed broken sidewalk and appreciated the store windows, if they were changed, updated, laugh or love the clothes, watch people, see what they were drinking and talking about.  Alot of that doesn't happen here, everyone stays in their own world, the bubble as I call it.  So I watch, I listen and I will continue to enjoy the same street, same stores and all the little things.  You can learn alot about a city just by watching.


Dan said...

Great post!

Did you ever think that all those "business closers" that are clogging up your network are actually just talking to their boyfriends and girlfriends, while pretending to "sign here, close deal, make money?"

I'll bet they're really just spitting codes at each other, trying to decide if they should stay in for Mac 'n Cheese, or head out for a swanky dinner at Denny's tonight.

And yes, the best advice is to always just watch and learn... watch and learn.

Galad said...

Nancy, or Miss K, or trash talker, or Marie-Madeleine, or all at the same time, in the same little sweet person I miss everytime I put a foot at work...

Since you're gone, I've lost my hope to find someone to teach me how to walk with high heels. And I am jealous of these safety freaks coworkers of yours that have the chance to see your smile everyday.

To those who say that everyone is replaceable, I say: Bullshit! You don't know Nancy!

Take care, dear!
Diane xx

BadYogi said...

Yep, that's Toronto for ya. The ones who will look you in the eye and seem to be smiling and taking a breath and actually living life as opposed to just being zombie work robots, the ones who laugh, are the ones who aren't from there. Don't go over to the dark side! xxx